Australian band, Wolfmother is undoubtedly one of their country’s best exports in the rock music scene. The band, led by Andrew Stockdale, has been around for more than 15 years, and they are about to make their Malaysian debut with their headlining show on the second day of Rockaway Festival’s Malaysia MotoGP Weekend. If you’re looking for a reason to go for the show, search no more. We’ve put together 13 solid reasons why you shouldn’t miss Wolfmother’s Malaysian debut.

1. This is the first ever Rockaway Weekender, it might be double the trouble, but it’s also double the fun!

2. 30th October is MotoGP race day, and what better way to celebrate than at Rockaway’s day two weekender show. Aside from Wolfmother, you’ll also get to watch The Darkness, alongside some of the most awesome local bands like Deja Voodoo Spells, Artefacts, Daarchlea, and WTNSS.

3. General tickets are RM138 each so you’ll basically be paying RM23 per band. That’s definitely value for money.

4. It’s Wolfmother’s Malaysian debut, and that is in itself self-explanatory.

5. The lads have four studio albums to their name, and the most recent one, Victorious, was released this year. That means we’re going to get new tunes to listen to!

6. The band is still tight AF even after going through several rotations of new members, and that is thanks to the frontman and guitarist, Andrew Stockdale, who has been in the band since day one.

7. Their hit, ‘Woman’ won Best Hard Rock Performance at the 49th edition of The Grammy Awards.

8. Their fourth studio album, Victorious, which was launched earlier in the year features two monster singles; “City Lights”, and “Victorious”.

9. Last year, Wolfmother performed a free show at the Great Northern Byron in memory of Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland by playing a bunch of covers including “Interstate Love Song”.

10. Andrew Stockdale isn’t your average long-haired rocker, but, he has his own curly mane to bring in the ladies. Definitely perfect eye-candy for the chicas!

11. “I see the album title, Victorious as celebrating any small victory, like if you found a drummer for your band and started booking gigs or if you reach a personal goal – it signifies movement and traction, building up to a good feeling. The word wasn’t meant to be used like a sports thing, like competitive, ya know?” – Andrew Stockdale –

12. Stockdale’s thoughts on the new album: “I think it will gradually grow on people. I recommend people listen to the whole thing and make a fair judgment, not just listen to a couple tracks, but digest all of it. There’s more than a couple tracks; it’s a whole experience.”

13. It’s going to be one hell of a night with Wolfmother’s brand of psychedelic rock mixed with hard rock and heavy metal influences.

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