Heading over to Rockaway Festival will memang cost a little bit more untuk kamu yang akan datang dari luar kawasan Kuala Lumpur. Tapi, jangan risau. Kami ada beberapa tips yang boleh mengurangkan traveling cost anda.

Skyscanner, your new best friend

There are easier ways to check for the lowest airfares online. One of the most efficient websites you can use is Skyscanner. It is very easy to use. Just key in your desired dates and the system will come back dengan beberapa options yang akan dipamerkan based on harga yang paling murah terdahulu. Buat masa sekarang, harga return flight dari Kuching, dan Kota Kinabalu bermula dari RM230.

If you’re coming from Penang, or Kota Bharu, airfares start from RM104. Some of the flights may require two separate bookings, but hey, lagi murah, lagi bagus kan?

Carpool and konvoi kereta

Bak kata Rage Against The Machine, “Rally round the family”! Put out a broadcast on your Facebook page or ours and plan out a trip with groups of friends that are interested to rock it out Rockaway Festival. The more the merrier, and it of course will end up being cheaper for everyone involved. Everyone will end up paying less for their contribution for toll, and petrol. Plus, road trips are loads of fun!

Forget KL, have sleep over in Sepang

If you’re heading to Rockaway Festival: The Weekender, stay at the budget motels in Sepang instead of the city centre. It will save you traveling time, and traveling cost too. A night at Bary Inn will only set you back RM79 a night, Casa KLIA 1 costs around RM85 per night.

Something cheaper? Airbnb is the answer

Kalau nak cari penginapan yang lagi murah dari hotel, dan motel bajet yang telah disebutkan, Airbnb adalah tempat sesuai untuk mencari bilik dengan bajet yang baik! Imagine, paying RM45 for a room in Sepang, now is quite a sweet deal!

When in Bukit Jalil

The best thing about Rockaway: The Saga Continues is that it will be taking place at Extreme Park, Bukit Jalil. And that means, most of you in the Klang Valley won’t even have to think about driving. Take the LRT if you can. Otherwise, out of towners can also opt for an overnight stay within the area. New Wave Seri Kembangan only costs RM65 per night, and My Home Hotel in Sri Petaling will only set you back RM78 a night. Sites like Trivago will help sort you out.