Kryz Reid from Third Eye Blind chats to us about the upcoming Rockaway Fest The Saga Continues happening this 19th November!

Your studio EP, We Are Drugs, was just released. Can you give your Southeast Asian fans a few hints on songs you will be performing at Rockaway Fest? New singles, old hits or a mix of both?

We’ll play a mix of tracks from our catalogue, and some new stuff. We change our set up all the time, sometimes during the show, so ya never know what we’ll do. Fun!

Your band has obviously had commercial success with your hit songs Jumper and Semi-Charmed Life. Do you expect the same from your new releases?

The music business has changed so much in the last twenty years, I’m not sure singles sell in the same quantity as back then anymore. But it’s a new model now. Our new record went to no.1 on the iTunes chart for example.

Out of all of your songs, what songs are you sick of playing the most? And what song is the most fun to play?

Really it’s always fun to perform live. When I joined the band in 2010 I asked Brad if he was tired of playing the same songs and he had the best answer, he said the audience’s energy and response when we play those songs is what makes it still be exciting to perform them live. I agree with that.

Jumper is a timeless anthem and has some really memorable lyrics. Can you explain what went on behind the lyrics and what the song is really about?

Stephan wrote that song about a gay man who killed himself. That’s all I’ve ever heard him say about the lyrical content of that one.

You guys have been playing since the early 90s. What would you say has been the biggest change for the band? Your music, creative process, hair?

Hair?! Haha! Brilliant! I think Third Eye has always kind of existed in between the lines of Alternative Rock and Mainstream Rock, like in our own niche. That’s still the same today. We’re still a hungry band with a lot to say and a long way to go. It’s better and better every year.

Rockaway Fest has a huge lineup this year. Which bands are you most excited to see?

Honestly, I’ve not looked at the line-up! Haven’t had time eh? I hope there are some Malaysian bands on there, it’s my first time in KL so I’m excited to see new stuff.

What do you want your Southeast Asian fans to know and what can they expect from your show this Nov 19?

We want everyone to know how excited we are to bring our show to KL, it’s gonna be tonnes of fun. I’m gonna try to learn some Bahasa Malay, so fans can expect to hear me mispronounce something on stage maybe haha.