Shaun Cooper from Taking Back Sunday gives us the lowdown on all things Rockaway Fest!

You guys have been playing for more than 15 years! What has changed the most from when you were performing smaller shows to now performing to sold out crowds?

I think we play a lot better these days!

With Tidal Wave, are you hoping the younger crowds will discover your band again as your older fans did years ago?

We always want to encourage younger people to listen to us. We also like to please the older fans. Ultimately though we write for ourselves and hope everyone can enjoy our music.

What do you like to do outside of music, etc: a hobby, which contributes to your music, especially when you have to come up with new songs?

I'm a big UFC fan and really enjoy doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and kickboxing. It's definitely a creative outlet that I feel engages a different part of my brain.

Could you briefly describe the band’s music-making process?

The five of us get in a room and start playing our guitars and bounce ideas off of each other. After a few hours a really good idea will pop up and we will form a song out of it.

What change would you like to see happen in the music industry, especially with everything that is going on with Tidal and Apple Music, and the conflicts happening between emerging artists?

I'd really just like to see musicians get paid for their art again.

Do you think these things are ruining music for everyone or are they helping the music industry as a whole?

I see things getting better. I think the music industry shot itself in the foot for trying to ignore and then fight p2p file sharing instead of embracing the technology finding a way to monetize it 20 years ago. 

With the release of your new album this year, will you be playing your new releases or take the crowds back in time with your old hits?

When we play live we like to play a little bit of everything. We never want a to disappoint a crowd.

Rockaway Fest has a huge lineup this year. Which bands are you most excited to see?

Our old friends The Get Up Kids always put on a great show.

Since this is your first time performing in Malaysia, can you let the fans know what they should expect from your Rockaway Fest performance?

We are so grateful we finally get to play in Malaysia. You will see a very energetic and exciting performance.