ROCKAWAY FEST’s return to the local scene this year is music to many rock fans’ ears. Aptly called ROCKAWAY FEST: The Saga Continues, the second installation of the 2016 edition is definitely going to be a show stopper!


Slated on November 19th, the event will be held at the Bukit Jalil Extreme Park, Kuala Lumpur with an impressive line-up of both local, and international acts including the likes of ‘90s sensation, Third Eye Blind, American rockers, Taking Back Sunday, and The Get Up Kids. But, the international acts aren’t the only crowd pullers in this event.


The local line-up is a force to be reckoned with, especially with Malaysia’s most iconic alternative rock band, Butterfingers headlining this massive affair. The band has been on hiatus since their last album eight years ago, and will be joined with other rock heroes that are also reuniting after previously being disbanded.


They will also be joined with other local heroes that have been leading the pack over the last few years. Here’s the lowdown on these amazing bands.



Butterfingers has been around since 1993. Even before they released their debut album, 1.2 Milligrams, they were already an influential band figure for other bands secondary school kids. Their acoustic set on Time Highway Radio possibly gave them the exposure they needed at the time they were building their musical career.

They continued their successful streak with seven album releases after their debut. They performed their last festival show as a band in 2009 at Sunburst, and they are now reuniting for their Rockaway debut to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their epic debut album. You can definitely expect them to bang out classics like “Girl Friday”, “Nicc O’Tynne”, or even “Chrome”.

Three of the original members including, Emmett, Loque, and Kadak have been confirmed for this much awaited reunion, and we expect nothing but short of an extraordinary performance from our legends.


OAG was one of the first English language alternative rock bands in Malaysia to get huge attention from mainstream music listeners. The acronym is short for Old Automatic Garbage, but the masses are really know them as OAG. Their debut album, Old Automatic Garbage went Triple Platinum in 1996, and they made a comeback to the local music scene with a brand new album and all new band members except for the vocalist, Radhi and guitarist, Nizam last year.

The original members subsequently left for personal reasons, and other priorities, but Radhi kept the OAG flying with a constant rotation of new members over the years. The original line-up will however be remembered for producing the biggest-selling local English album ever. It eventually sold more than 75,000 copies.


Lyme is a name that hasn’t been heard in a very long time. Despite of disbanding their name, this quartet was quite an influential figure in local rock scene in the late '90s and early 2000s. Formed in mid-1997, the band consists of two Venezuelan brothers Javier "Cheez" Badillo (vocals) and Victor "V-man-tor" Badillo (guitar), Britain-raised Pakistani Moez Khan (drums), and Azman "Boy" Ali (bass), the only local-based member in the band who comes from Terengganu.

Their debut album, oveourotherarth was released in the fourth quarter of 2001, and it was the only album the band has produced in their Malaysian music career. Their unique style of fusion metal garnered them a large fan base in the local scene. Their album is unfortunately a rarity as only 1000 copies of was distributed. But fans will get to relive their musical awesomeness as all the original band members will be performing on the 19th of November.

Killer Calculateur

A band with such distinct character, Killeur Calculateur left quite an impression after releasing their highly-anticipated LP, Book of Flags in 2014. The album has been constantly praised for its solid lyrics, its perfect balance of post-punk and post-hardcore influence, and the overall groovy feel to it. Their uniqueness has garnered them the fans all over the South East Asian region. The lads toured extensively all around Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore after that, and now they will be spreading their love at Rockaway.

One Buck Short (OBS)

For those who don’t know, OBS is the reason we are all blessed with Rockaway Festival. It all started with the release of their track, “Wait For It (Revolution)” that led to the guys scoring sponsorship for the first Rockaway, which was a free concert show at CapSquare. It garnered 12, 000 music fans and the brand has just grown to exceptional proportion until today.

The fun loving rockers have wowed their fans with their stellar debut album, Halal & Loving It, and pushed boundaries with their Kampong Glam EP. Word on the street is that the lads are working on new music for this year’s ultimate rock fest.

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Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday has three studio albums to their name, and their 2006 release, Louder Now is touted has the band’s breakout mainstream album selling over 900,000 copies and peaked at #2 on the United States Billboard 200, surpassing the band's previous Billboard 200 peak in 2004 at No. 3 with Where You Want to Be.

The band’s seventh album, Tidal Wave has been said to be one hell of a revival and it sees them reinventing themselves as extraordinary artists. Taking Back Sunday’s latest release isn’t just a great follow up to their 2014’s Happiness, it also marks the first time the band have ever recorded three consecutive albums featuring the same line-up.

Toko Kilat

TOKO KILAT is a pro-rock band made up by members of They Will Kill Us All, The Times, Moods, and Force Vormit. The awesome foursome are currently working on their debut album. They just dropped their first single, “Pemacu Api”, which has been widely praised by industry folk. The single’s release marks good things to come for the band, and we cannot wait for them to show off their goods at this year’s festival.